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Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. These have been specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio.

Kora Audio France
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The Astounding KORA DAC 140. Utilizing their Square tube technologies. The closest to Analog we have tried yet.

Kora wished to offer you a converter whose design and realization leave no room for compromise. 8 inputs (SPDIF, optical, AES-EBU, USB) make your Kora DAC the nerve center of your system. Technologically, as on the CD player, the clocks are realized by frequency multipliers, and are therefore in perfect synchronization with the sources.

Thanks to an AKM “up sampling” circuit, the digital flow is transformed into 32 bits and a maximum frequency of 768 kHz. At the output of the converter, a “Square Tube” circuit ensures the filtering and the provision of the audio signal at the output. An additional balanced output is offered on a pair of XLR sockets.

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Think of WANDLA like a Formula 1 racing car. Like the F1 constructor’s team building the best racing car, Ferrum created the best engine for The Converter.

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The FULL Amplification line up from the premium electronics firm from Switzerland.

Ediscreation: Hand Crafted High Fi Gear
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Made in Hong Kong. Top Flight Music Server/Streamers, Switches, Power Supplies, Filters. Amazing value added digital front ends!

CAD: Computer Audio Design
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The leading authority on Ground Control CAD must be heard within your system to be believed. You don't know what you are missing!

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Our products are available for audition in the Toronto (GTA) area (Aurora and High Park/Roncesvalles Village). Drop us a line and we will be pleased to speak to you at length about your interest in our components.



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