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Isolation and Stands

Clients who work with us know that one of our founding pillars to great sound is isolation. Isolation begins with the simple premise that the sound we are hearing is affected by our surroundings, the buildings we live in and the micro vibrations that infiltrate our music reproduction systems.

The separate our equipment from the external vibrations of the earth and building need to begin between 1Hz and 10Hz. It is same reason that atomic force microscopes cannot yield pictures or results without isolation from the building and natural frequencies of the Earth itself. As we attempt to rebuild music from the grooves of a vinyl record, these nano vibrations are grossly affected by the external influences. This can only be done with laboratory isolation designed for industry that relies on tangible and real world results.

The greatest record playing systems in the world, the D
öhmann Helix-1 mkIII, SAT XD-1, TechDAS AF-Zero and AF-1 all have one thing in common. Laboratory grade isolation. Your turntable and the entire sound reproduction chain benefits greatly with laboratory grade isolation.

Build the foundation your music deserves. Don't settle for second best or pseudo science.

Active Isolation Bases, Stand and Accessories

Seismion Active Isolation Bases, Made in Germany
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Outstanding isolation and stabilization performance already at low frequencies.

Seismion vibration isolators start isolating at frequencies below 1 Hz. This makes them suit perfectly for the critical range from 1 to 10 Hz, which is often excited by building vibrations and foot fall sound. Above 10 Hz, the vibration amplitude is reduced by 35 dB (Reactio) or even 40 dB (Reactio Pro), this corresponds to about 1% remaining vibrations. This opens up completely new possibilities for setting up your measuring and testing devices, be it in a multi-storey high-rise building or in the immediate vicinity of production facilities!

Thanks to their active stabilizer function, systems with moving XY-tables or rotating parts are quickly settled to their rest position. Examples of such applications are roughness measurements, wafer inspections and microscopy with interchangeable lenses. By using Seismion isolators, productivity can be increased through faster cycle times.

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Massif Audio Design
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Custom Exotic Hardwood Audio Racks, Platforms and Accessories. The ideal racking system upon which to build your Seismion Active Isolation.

Nordost Sort Kones
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The Sort Kone is a directly coupled and mechanically tuned resonance control device, using a sophisticated new approach to the problem of supporting sensitive electronics.

Black Diamond Racing
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The Perfect footer to fit the Seismion and elevate it to new levels of performance.

Nordost Q Point Resonance Synchronizer
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The QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer emits a subtle field which manipulates all electromechanical resonances within its immediate proximity so that they resonate in unison with each other. By syncing these resonances, the QPOINT eliminates internal electrical noise, enhancing the coherency and timing that is typically lacking in even the most high-end audio systems.

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Our products are available for audition in the Toronto (GTA) area (Aurora and High Park/Roncesvalles Village). Drop us a line and we will be pleased to speak to you at length about your interest in our components.



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