RETAILERS of Distinguished Sound reproducing Equipment



A new standard in phono cartridges is arriving soon in Canada! We are here to demonstrate it for you.

SOULUTION AUDIO, SWISS HIGH END The world class solid state electronics manufacture arrives at SONIC ARTISTRY!

UBIQ AUDIO LOUDSPEAKERS, Duelund and Special Edition Versions for Demonstration.

AUDIO UNION, HELIX 1 Turntable by Döhmann On display and in use!            


Sonic Artistry Your Phono Stage Experts!

Another HUGE announcement for Sonic Artistry is the representation of the AudioTechnica AT-ART1000 Cartridge. We will have these on display, in use and for demonstration at both Roncesvalles and Aurora locations!

The AT-ART1000 (“ART” for Audio-Technica Reference Transducer) is Audio-Technica’s new flagship phono cartridge, handmade in Japan. Born of the pursuit of audio excellence that has driven A-T for more than 50 years, the AT-ART1000 introduces an innovative, audiophile design heretofore unseen in mass-produced cartridges. The cartridge’s direct power system places the dual moving coil directly on top of the stylus tip, ensuring that the audio quality does not suffer the negative effects normally introduced by the cantilever's length and material type. Having the coils move in such close proximity to the stylus tip allows the cartridge to vividly render even the most subtle sonic details and provide unsurpassed transient response.

Each of the cartridge’s two coils is constructed of 20 μm diameter PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting) wire, wound eight turns to a diameter of 0.9 mm to create a non-magnetic core coil. The 3-ohm coils are placed in the tiny 0.6 mm gap of a powerful magnetic circuit, enabling each coil to generate an output voltage of 0.2 mV.

The AT-ART1000 features the same high-performance line contact stylus and solid boron cantilever found in the AT-OC9/III, enabling the cartridge to faithfully trace the record groove and reliably transfer the signal to the coils. The base that supports the specialized magnetic circuit and vibration system is made from titanium. This sturdy base is instrumental in providing consistent playback, and works in combination with the cartridge’s hard plastic cover and aluminum housing to disperse resonance that negatively affects the sound quality.


We are proud to announce that the SOULUTION AUDIO’s line of Ultra High End Solid State electronics are now represented by SONIC ARTISTRY! SOULUTION is the perfect compliment to our line up of Distinguished Sound Reproducing Equipment. Made in Switzerland to the highest tolerances SOULUTION redefines music reproduction. A true recreation of a moment in recorded music history.

SOULUTION produces unparalleled analog playback performance. A detailed balanced and true representation extracted from every record groove sounding just the way the artist recorded it. On display will be the 520 PreAmplifier with MC Phono, 511 Stereo Amplifier configured in Mono for over 600 WPC into 8 ohms, The brand new 550 Phono Stage which is sure to set new levels of phono playback performance. Upcoming this October will be the brand new 3 series including the 325 PreAmplifier with MC Phono, 311 Amplifier and the 330 Integrated with MC Phono. As always, our lines are always on display and ready to audition!

SOULUTION will be joining us for the upcoming TAVES show which should prove to be one of our best events yet!