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A new standard in phono cartridges is arriving soon in Canada! We are here to demonstrate it for you.

SOULUTION AUDIO, SWISS HIGH END The world class solid state electronics manufacture arrives at SONIC ARTISTRY!

UBIQ AUDIO LOUDSPEAKERS, Duelund and Special Edition Versions for Demonstration.

AUDIO UNION, HELIX 1 Turntable by Döhmann On display and in use!            


Sonic Artistry Your Phono Stage Experts!

July 2018: After a couple of very fruitful buying trips to Axpona in Chicago and Munich High End show, we have several exciting new additions to our Distinguished line of Sound Reproducing Equipment. Some have already landed others we are waiting for stock.

  1. Bullet THE BESPOKE AUDIO COMPANY, The last preamp you will ever buy!

        -This is a no holds barred work of art that can be tailored to your needs.

        -Eminently transparent transformer design that remains dynamic, detailed, nimble and

        ethereal in it’s handling of music. Driving up to 10m of XLR cable without a change in

        character and able to impedance match with your system.

        -This really must be heard to be believed, we have both the Copper and Silver wire editions

        with the 6 DB of gain option for you hear.

  1. Bullet LARSEN HIFI, The best sounding speakers you have never seen,

        -Garnering awards world wide, these gems have been on our radar through a number of

        shows now! Winning best of show and Editors Choice in Absolute Sound every year since


        -These Scandinavian designed and build speakers are designed to go right up agains the wall

        and throw a glorious soundstage no matte where you are seated. Almost a non speaker, that

        blends and integrate right into your space without calling attention to itself. Only heavenly


        -Real world pricing on a speaker that will please everyone in the household.

  1. Bullet DS AUDIO, Fully Analog Optical Phono Cartridge Systems,

        -ST-50 Stylus Cleaner, Your Cartridge investment deserves the best, safest cleaning method

         available. Just place it on your platter and lower your cartridge down under it’s own VTF.

         Completely cleanable and reusable. In Stock!

        -The finest range of Phono Pick up devices and equalizers on the market today. This is a

         big leap forward in phono sound reproduction. You must experience this first hand.

        -We have all three cartridges set up, displayed and ready for audition.


        -Ultrasonic Record Cleaner, the best we have ever had the pleasure of using, with deeper

         cleaning and better sonic results

        -In Stock!

        -The best performing speaker cables under $3k we have found! Only $540 CDN per 12 ft pr.

  1. Bullet BRINKMANN AUDIO, Germany

        -This is our first real foray into Digital Audio, we have long been searching for a DAC worthy

         to go up against our heralded Analog Rigs; we found it in the NYQUIST Mk II Brinkmann

         Audio DAC.

        -Fully Tubed output stage

        -Come hear what all the fuss is about.

  1. Bullet ANALOG MAGIK, Precision set up program discs and program

        -Audio Magik will help you be come the Analog set up expert that you want to be.

        -It allows you to visualize and fine tune your cartridge set up with confidence and feedback.

  1. Bullet AUDIO TECHNICA, AT-ART1000 Direct Power Stereo Cartridge:

  2. Bullet SOULUTION Audio Electronics

        -NEW 3 Series, 311 amplifier and 325 PreAmplifier

        -NEW 525 Pre Amplifier


        -Sonic Artistry is a Full Line carrying Synergistic Research Dealer with most products on

         display and in use! This includes the full Galileo line of cables.

        -BLUE FUSES, most 5mm slo blow are locally stocked and ready to amaze you.

        -Power Cell 12 UEF SE Power Conditioning

        -Active Ground Block SE

        -Atmosphere and HFT Acoustic devices

        -Full range of Galileo UEF cabling

  1. Bullet AUDIO SOLUTIONS Loudspeakers from Lithuania

        -One of the highlights that we brought back with us from the Munich High End 2018 Show

        -Very high quality build and sonic with very reasonable costs

        -These guys are High End Disruptors! Keep an eye on them

Ubiq Audio Driven by Soulution Electronics

At Our Roncesvalles location.

Ubiq Audio Driven by Thrax Electronics

At Our Aurora location.

The Ultimate in Vinyl Care Products

High End Audio Cables for EVERY Budget

The Worlds Best Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

Brinkmann Nyquist Mk. II DAC

The Worlds Most Precise Phono Setup Rig!

Audio Solutions Figaro Loudspeakers

Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Cables

Synergistic Research Galileo UEF



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DS Audio Optical Phono Cartridges

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