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Kirmuss Ultrasonic Record Cleaner



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Inner and Outer Sleeves

This is a subject very near and dear to our hearts.  To say we are obsessed is an understatement. We have both been record collectors well before becoming Audiophiles. Our pursuit of sound reproducing equipment is purely to extract more from the beautiful tiny grooves full of infinitesimal micro vibrations. Without a stretch, you can improve your system up to 30% with the proper cleaning, restoration and rising of your favorite slab of vinyl. We put almost 75% of our efforts over the years in studying and experimenting with vinyl restoration and archival storage. Results take time and work. The final product is Sonic Artistry.

Do NOT overlook your archival storage. Your investment in your collection is paramount. It is also the tactile feedback you get when you handle your collection to peruse or play. Archive your Vinyl with confidence. We’ve tried almost every product available, most are pretty good. However, two really stand out and what we offer for sale we consider the ONLY solution for us. True Archival Inner and Outer Sleeves. The investment works out to about $2 per record, a pittance when you consider the labour expended to clean and the value of the recording itself.

This is a subject we will talk your ears off with but if you are truly dedicated to get the most out of your records and your substantial equipment investment give us a call.......remember we warned you!

Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. Specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio:

  1. Bullet KIRMUSS AUDIO, Ultra Sonic Record Cleaners

  2. Bullet KEITH MONKS record cleaning machines

  3. Bullet MA RECORDINGS, Inner Sleeves

  4. Bullet OKKI NOKKI, record cleaning machine

  5. Bullet VINYL STORAGE SOLUTIONS, 4 Mil Outer Sleeves

Keith Monks RCM Parts and Service

Okki Nokki


     -VINYL STORAGE SOLUTIONS from Winnipeg Canada. We have procured the best

      outer sleeve we have ever had the pleasure to use. Made from new, not recycled, crystal

      clear, fold over design, Acid Free, no PVC. 4 Mil Cast Polypropylene, True Archival Quality.

      The album pocket has a 1.5 inch resealable flap to give you a perfect archival seal. The

      record pocket is open to easily slide your record in.  

Have a look at their instructional video:

     -MA INNER SLEEVES made in Japan from a high-tech, blend of two polyethylene based

      microfibers. Originally conceived as the modern alternative to the rice paper used in

      traditional Japanese room screens and window coverings. Because of its porous

      characteristics, the ability to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Possessing inherent

      antistatic properties, the material also prevents the buildup of dust and other electrically

      charged particles on the playing surfaces.

We sell these only in sets of 20 inner with the accompanying 20 outer sleeves. $39 CDN.

ARCHIVE your investment for less than $2 per record!

HST Extra, Shipping if necessary extra, Pick Up Available.