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STENHEIM Swiss made precision.

Loudspeakers are crafted to the highest precision and quality for which Switzerland is renowned.


Award winning loudspeakers from the brilliant mind of the Danish Designer Benno Meldgaard.

ARCHIVAL cleaning systems and storage

From KIRMUSS AUDIO to Vinyl Storage solutions let us show you how to get the most out of your record collection and how to preserve it’s value.


Lithuanian loudspeakers ingeniously engineered to perform far beyond their reasonable High End price tag.

LARSEN, Living Freindly Loudspeakers

Highly advanced materials engineering leads to the most stable and vibration free pick up arm we have ever heard.

TechDAS, Turntables from Japan

The Apex of vacuum turntable design worth of Archiving your record collection.


Highly advanced materials engineering leads to the most stable and vibration free pick up arm we have ever heard.


The last preamplifer you will ever buy. The Green Monster Arrives.....



Toronto, Ontario Canada, (Roncesvalles Village): Jonathan


Cellular: (416) 254-3887

Aurora,Ontario, Canada: Edgar


Cellular: (416) 320-9803

Our LOUDSPEAKER line up is also brimming with action. We have been working diligently on brining in some of these very highly regarded brand for some time.

  1. Bullet STENHEIM, Swiss Made Audio Excellence

    - We will be representing the full Alumine Line showing the 2SE and 5SE in our showrooms

    - STENHEIM speakers are crafted to the highest precision and quality for which Switzerland is


    - This musical experience will take you to the top of the peaks in both craftsmanship and


  1. Bullet AUDIO SOLUTIONS, Loudspeakers from Lithuania,

    -The Figaro line is our best bang for the buck

    -Very high build quality and sonics for a reasonable cost

    -These guys are HIGH END DISRUPTORS, keep an eye on them.

  1. Bullet GamuT AUDIO, Award Winning Loudspeakers

    - Part of the Dantex Group of companies, GamuT has a depth of engineering, furniture making

    and driver technology that will leave the majority of high end competitors wondering what hit

    them. At the helm is arguably on of the great speaker designers of our time Benno Meldgaard.

    - We have the most recent RS7i on display and in action along with the venerable Lobster Chair.

    - The conveyed emotion, detail and musical complexity will be sure to please.

  1. BulletLARSEN HIFI, Real World pricing on a speaker that will please everyone in the household.

    -Garnering awards world wide, these gems have been on our radar through a number of

     shows now! Winning best of show and Editors Choice in Absolute Sound every year since 2015

    -These Scandinavian designed and build speakers are designed to go right up agains the wall

     and throw a glorious soundstage no matte where you are seated. Almost a non speaker, that

     blends and integrate right into your space without calling attention to itself. Only heavenly


Sonic Artistry: News

From time to time we will post news worthy changes to our products, industry events, upcoming record shows and other tidbits which we find interesting in this area.

Please check out our archive section for old news items.

March 2019: We have added our Demo/Sale gear shown in the Navigation Bar. Have a look at some great deals on current equipment that we are refreshing.

On the ANALOG front we have some very exciting additions to our line up sure to meet most budgets. From pick up arms, turntables and record restoration and archiving we have what we consider to be the best products in the marketplace currently.

  1. Bullet SAT, Swedish Analog Technologies. The Worlds best Pick Up Arm,

    -We are please to announce that we are the Canadian representative for SAT.

    -This is a pick up arm that you must experience to understand. Created from the engineering

    expertise of Marc Gomez, the advanced material and construction methods used is unheard of

    in audio. This is cutting edge materials engineering. The new line up now includes 9” and 12”

    versions of both the LM and CF1 models.

  1. Bullet TECHDAS, Japanese precision vacuum hold down turntables,

    -TechDAS has arrived in Canada and we have the venerable Air Force Tables in our possession

    -The NEW Air Force V

    -The incomparable Air Force III Premium

    -Paired with the SAT arms, information retrieval and musical coherence are only at a level you

    have dreamed of.


     -Ultrasonic Record Cleaner, the best we have ever had the pleasure of using, with deeper

      cleaning and better sonic results


     -VINYL STORAGE SOLUTIONS from Winnipeg Canada. We have procured the best

      outer sleeve we have ever had the pleasure to use. Made from new, not recycled, crystal

      clear, fold over design, Acid Free, no PVC. 4 Mil Cast Polypropylene, True Archival Quality.

      The album pocket has a 1.5 inch resealable flap to give you a perfect archival seal. The

      record pocket is open to easily slide your record in.  

     -MA INNER SLEEVES made in Japan from a high-tech, blend of two polyethylene based

      microfibers. Originally conceived as the modern alternative to the rice paper used in

      traditional Japanese room screens and window coverings. Because of its porous

      characteristics, the ability to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Possessing inherent

      antistatic properties, the material also prevents the buildup of dust and other electrically

      charged particles on the playing surfaces.